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February 16, 2016

The Real Shift

PRALLDespite the overwhelming pace of trying to expand their business, these leaders took time on a monthly basis to sit face-to-face with individual team members and discuss current challenges and expectations plus brainstorm how the company could sell and deliver work everyone would be more motivated and inspired about.

These actions made a difference…and the real shift came when the leaders made a personal commitment to face old beliefs and behaviors that were limiting their success. Instead of blaming outside conditions, Prall and Pittinos looked in the mirror and discovered how they were keeping themselves on a hamster wheel. With leadership coaching and the feedback from peers who were also committed to a journey of self-discovery and growth, this team created significant change.

Today, the Prall Marketing team is thriving. Team trust and collaboration are higher than ever. Candid, robust dialogue is common at team meetings, and the tone is supportive. While they still experience some challenges that come with growth, the company attracts more clients who want strategic consulting (the Prall Marketing “Sweet Spot”), and these same clients are willing to pay well for this value.

What does it all mean for Prall? Their willingness to invest in themselves and their culture produced a greater ROI. Fulfilled team, happy clients, more profit.

Eliza recently shared, “I can honestly say our team is having more fun. We’re more aligned, creative, and productive, and we’re able to negotiate challenges far more effectively than we could before. We’re at ease with each other and how we’re building our company. None of this would be possible if we hadn’t taken time out for team retreats, leader coaching and my own participation in The Thriving Leader Program.”

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