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November 15, 2016

Facing your Feelings: An Interview with Sarah White Carr

The following is an interview with Culture Counts coach Sarah White Carr. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Sarah White CarrHow is Culture Counts different from other leadership coaching companies?

Many people get certified to be coaches, and then they get attached to their process. We’re different. We really focus on what supports people, and then we apply a variety of processes that will work for them.

We don’t just coach and consult theoretically; instead, we tie leader development to relevant business initiatives. We do this by focusing on someone’s Inner Game and Outer Game. And, as we talk about business, we facilitate, coach and train so that people walk out as more effective leaders at the end of the day.

Why has Culture Counts been so successful with clients?

We practice what we preach at Culture Counts so that we can really be present with the client — which means showing up fully, and meeting them where they are.

We work to understand the lay of their land and what they genuinely want, scouting the map between where they are and where they want to be. Combining leader development with something relevant and tangible, like a business initiative, allows the things that really matter to them show up.

And in being present with them, we help our clients face where they really are; they feel safe and relaxed which opens up creativity and possibility. This creates great results!

What do you enjoy most about being a Culture Counts coach?

I’m always at my own learning edge. I love that we don’t ask people to go where we’ve never been personally. We practice what we preach!

What methods or tools do you personally use to help your clients at Culture Counts?

One of my favorite ways we work with leaders is to support them to tell the truth about facts, beliefs, and perspectives — especially around their feelings! Knowing what we’re feeling and how to express that in truthful ways is so important for moving things forward in business. Unaddressed feelings create static in the workplace — we all know this because we all complain about the drama at work! When people have access to their feelings and simple, truthful ways to express them, things can clear up pretty quickly and results happen faster.

How can someone get introduced to your work at Culture Counts?

One of our most popular workshops, Thriving Conversations, teaches the skills needed to help people create conversations in order to build relationships that actually get things accomplished. Our workshop is fun and interactive, and people walk away with easily accessible tools that help them move from conflict to collaboration in ways they never thought possible.

Our next Thriving Conversations workshop will be held on Jan. 31st. To register or for more information, click here.

Sarah White Carr is a proud Scholar, Priest, and Sage. For more information about the services that Culture Counts’ offers, please click here. 


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