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WE LOVE TO SPEAK. We love to inspire. We love to provide practical tools.

Whitney Walpole

The Drama Triangle

Whitney connects with her audiences and creates high impact.

Her passion for culture and leadership is palpable – and her message about truth-telling and making powerful choices in life and work is unforgettable. Because she shares authentically about her own journey as a leader and business owner, her messages are experienced as down to earth and inspiring.

Sarah White Carr

Sarah's Speaker Reel

Sarah brings energy, laughter and an unconventional perspective.

People come alive as Sarah invites them to try on new skills in fun and easy ways. Audiences step outside their comfort zone and dare to explore with Sarah - learning practical ways to make incremental changes that create substantive impact. Sarah’s vulnerability and willingness to share the real struggles of leadership and life make her an approachable and inspiring speaker in any venue.
“I have heard Whitney speak three times, and at each event I came away with a clearer understanding of myself as a manager and what I could do to lead and improve the culture of my business. Whitney has a special gift of bringing the vague idea of "culture" into clear action points. She is highly engaging in both large and small groups.”

Rob Kitzman

President / Culligan Central Coast Water Conditioning Co.