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Upcoming Events

Difficult Conversations Workshop

February 22

From Conflict to Collaboration: A fun and practical workshop giving you skills to navigate difficult conversations. This 3 hour workshop is held once a quarter.

Strategic Planning Workshop

April 26

Discover with other business owners and executives how to transform your planning sessions with a seamless process for moving from strategy to execution. This 2.5 hour workshop is held once a quarter.

Play to Win Series!


A fun and engaging seminar series designed to shift your mindset and support your win. Our launch day is free!

Breakthrough Leadership

Launches Spring 2018

Managers from different organizations around the country spend an 6-month period developing a rich new awareness of themselves and others, learning new skills for communication and letting go of old patterns that block their own and their team’s performance.

Launchpad Leadership


An exclusive 6-month program for well accomplished leaders poised to shift into mastery.