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Our Programs

OUR PROGRAMS ARE A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY for leaders from different businesses to generate breakthrough experiences together.

Play to Win Series!

A fun and engaging seminar series designed to shift your mindset and support your win.

This Series is appropriate for individuals, business owners, teams, family members, coaches, consultants and more. Anyone ready to engage support, play and win! Commit to all 7 session or drop-in when you can.

Difficult Conversations

A fun and practical skills workshop for learning skills to navigate difficult conversations.

Drama and lack of accountability are common frustrations in the workplace. Often these challenges are a symptom of a group’s inability to have clear and productive conversations.

Breakthrough Leadership

A robust leadership program for high potential managers ready for breakthroughs.

When leaders are hungry to more effectively influence others, better motivate their teams, create better results and experience more ease at work, a program that addresses their Outer and Inner Game can be transformational.

Launchpad: A Program for Leaders of Leaders

An exclusive 6-month program for well accomplished leaders poised to shift into mastery.

In high demand, inundated with projects and opportunities, Launchpad leaders are hungry to focus their energy in a way that creates substantial movement and results without the charge and drive of business as usual. Determined to “do” less and “inspire” more, Launchpad leaders are ready to step out of managing others and into the art of leading leaders.

"I felt that dedicating a year to try to get beyond some of my issues would allow me to be a better mentor and boss. The nuances of marrying personal and professional worlds, seeing where my own obstacles limited me, had a power and resulted in extraordinary tangible change, the depth of which I never expected."

Eliza Prall

Owner / Prall Marketing