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Difficult Conversations

From Conflict to Collaboration: A fun and practical skills workshop giving you skills to navigate difficult conversations.

Drama, silo mentality, lack of trust, inefficiency and low productivity are often a by-product of a group’s inability to have healthy, productive conversations.

The Difficult Conversations workshop is a fun and engaging training that addresses these issues, training leaders and their teams to create breakthroughs by leveraging the power of effective communication.  

By the end of the workshop, participants will have the tools to:

  • Engage in healthy, honest and productive conversations
  • Express authentically and with transparency
  • Resolve core issues with high impact questions
  • Reduce drama and defensiveness by listening powerfully
  • Minimize static and tension by quickly identifying emotions
  • Increase efficiency and clarity by making clear requests 

Those who apply the skills from Difficult Conversations report a significant reduction in drama and defensiveness, less static and tension, more clarity and creativity and an increased ability to identify and address core issues that block success. They also share that they feel more heard, seen and appreciated when they and others around them practice these skills.

Deceivingly simple, this workshop translates communication “know how” into a compelling and accessible tool anyone can use to transform their relationships and results.

Upcoming Dates

February 22, 2-5pm

Facilitated by Sarah Carr
Culture Counts
600 S. Cherry St. #305
Glendale, CO 80246
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