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Launchpad A Program for Leaders of Leaders

Launchpad: A Program for Leaders of Leaders is an exclusive 6-month program for well accomplished leaders poised to shift into mastery – leaders ready to create exponential impact with more focus, purpose and flow.

In high demand, inundated with projects and opportunities, Launchpad leaders are hungry to focus their energy in a way that creates substantial movement and results without the charge and drive of business as usual. Determined to “do” less and “inspire” more, Launchpad leaders are ready to step out of managing others and into the art of leading leaders.

With a commitment to looking within, as well the opportunity to learn from leaders like themselves, Launchpad participants will create profound and lasting shifts in their relationships, work and results.

Program Outcomes – Launchpad Leaders will:

  • Set in motion a new project or initiative – re-ignite a big vision – from a place of greater power and impact, where less attachment and more space turbo charges results and growth.
  • Discover a masterful leader mind-set that emphasizes “being” rather than “doing” as a means of accomplishing what’s possible.
  • Focus their energy and experience new clarity about who to partner with and how to navigate time so more “gets done” with less effort.
  • Shed barriers and beliefs that cause stress and free up their natural ability to powerfully create with and empower other leaders.
  • Learn ways to fulfill “Moonshot Projects” through the wisdom and talent of others – leading leaders by showing up present, relaxed and at ease.

Launches Spring 2018

6-Month Program
Three 1.5 day sessions
Three video group coaching calls
Three individual sessions


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I was living the dream but still felt unsatisfied. I knew there was something more, and I knew it was from within. To be able to connect with other leaders like me and dive deep was incredible. The program helped me personally, in my business, and to make a difference in new and more meaningful ways.

– Kerry Crandell

Founder & President, WoMAN LLC