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Play to Win Series

You really want something.

Business growth, a better relationship, a breakthrough in sales, a positive shift in your family, improvement in your health, a successful launch of a new project…

And you’re exhausted, disappointed or stuck in your approach to making it happen. Stopping and starting, doing it alone and pushing through challenges with sheer will. You can see how you get caught up in “to do’s” and lose focus, momentum, energy and enthusiasm.

The Play to Win Series is a fun and engaging process to shift this game…literally! It offers you an approach to success that feels very different and produces radically different results. 

With the support of teammates and a Master Coach, you’ll turn your project into a Game and:

  • Shift from a play “not to lose” into a play “to win” mindset
  • Get traction on an initiative by taking more consistent action
  • Discover the joy in taking risks and learning from failure
  • Experience comradery, support and teamwork
  • Access powerful tools to shift your inner and outer game
  • Have fun finding the opportunities in setbacks
  • Face challenges with courage and clarity
  • Develop practices to free up creativity and reduce drama
  • Learn repeatable processes you can apply to any area of life you want to shift

This Series is appropriate for individuals, business owners, teams, family members, coaches, consultants and more. Anyone ready to engage support, play and win!


7 sessions over 3 months
$450/entire series
Session 1 is free for all!

Held at the Culture Counts office

Click here to view our flyer. Space is limited!
Register here if you’re interested in attending.


Session 1 – October 18, 8:30-11am (Free!)
Session 2 –November 1, 8:30-11am
Session 3 –November 15, 8:30-11am
Session 4 – November 29, 8:30-11am
Session 5 – December 13, 8:30-11am
Session 6 – January 10, 8:30-11am
Session 7 – January 24, 8:30-11am

"Play to Win is a must for anybody who wants to be up to something in their life! This was definitely a hands on, thought provoking program that left me inspired in my life and work. The team at Culture Counts is outstanding. I left the program with my game mapped out and set up for success."

Chris Starks

Sr Loan Officer / First Class Financial Services