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Our retreats and strategic planning workshops are a launching pad for building the team and business results you really want.

Great leaders know that the best business results and the most satisfying work culture comes from developing strong teams of people working collaboratively and effectively – on what matters most.

The challenge is that most teams don’t just happen. It takes a commitment and willingness to invest in people, in their ability to work together cohesively, as well as their ability to think strategically about the business, to create great results.

A facilitated retreat is a powerful way to accomplish this. And with the unique approach we take at Culture Counts, our retreats deliver beyond what teams imagine possible.

Our retreats foster breakthrough conversations. Our facilitation evokes getting “real”– healthy truth telling to resolve core issues and unlock the genius of your team. And not only do we help you and your people resolve persistent challenges, we coach you to breakthrough business results. This translates to practical game plans that engage the collaborative efforts of leaders and their teams, and maps a clear path to realize your vision true to values.

Please connect with us, if you’re curious to learn more about how we can design and facilitate a retreat that best serves your team.