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April 10, 2016

Grow into the Sweet Spot

“The path to increased influence, impact, and leadership effectiveness is paved with personal growth…Our capacity to grow determines our capacity to lead. It’s really that simple.”

We echo the wisdom of Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller (above), who recently wrote another great business fable called Great Leaders Grow! They say, “the failure to grow sabotages the career of more leaders than anything else.” Blanchard and Miller, two highly successful businessmen themselves, go on to say that great leaders grow in specific areas, one of them being their own self-knowledge and knowledge of others.

These words capture the heart of a journey we’re passionate about at Culture Counts. We are inspired by leaders who have the courage to look closely at their beliefs and behaviors and discover how they either limit or expand their own and their business’ success. It’s exciting when leaders learn to better understand and appreciate their teammates and suddenly notice initiatives and projects that were stalled now take off and succeed. We love to accompany leaders as they develop a keen awareness of their strengths and unique creativity so they know better how to use their time and energy for maximum results. Bottom line – we love to help leaders grow!

One of our favorite ways to give leaders access to what Blanchard and Miller call “self-knowledge” is through the Sweet Spot. Just like in sports, every person, every leader, has inherent qualities that give them access to ease and power. When anyone has a deep appreciation for their unique way of leading and contributing to others, they not only perform better at work but they also are better able to bring out the Sweet Spot and effectiveness of others.

What’s your Sweet Spot? Are you leading from this place of power and ease?

Do you know how to bring out the Sweet Spot of your leader team? How about your employees?

If you did know, what might be possible?

Come explore this possibility with us. This FALL we’re offering a leadership series called From the Sweet Spot to help you develop and use this knowledge and to create new possibilities throughout your life and business. Our 7-week course dives into 7 Sweet Spots and a methodology for recognizing and bringing out each person’s inherent contributions and leadership qualities. Through this series you’ll become a more productive manager, a better coach and mentor, a more effective facilitator of teamwork and simply have more fun!

From the Sweet Spot series is led by Laura Conley, Master Coach with Culture Counts. Laura specializes in recognizing a person’s Sweet Spot and helping other leaders do the same. Fall sessions are scheduled on Tuesday evenings in September and October. Full course registration is available as well as drop-in options. Click here to find out more. (This series is now closed, if you are interested in learning when it will be relaunched, please email us.)

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