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Sarah White Carr

Sarah White Carr is an Executive Coach and Consultant for Culture Counts. She brings more than 20 years of experience coaching and facilitating executives in the areas of leadership, presentation skills, communications and sales.

Her unique power to coach leaders and teams comes from her ability to simplify concepts and demystify what seems like communication and leadership jargon. She is vulnerable and revealed about her own process, and as a result leaders learn how to transform their communication and effectiveness from Sarah’s modeling. She is compassionate and direct, dives deep, and ultimately leaves her clients with simple tools to transform their most difficult issues.

“Working with Sarah I've grown professionally and personally. She listens, understands who I am and encourages me to dig deeper. Sarah has given me many tools and ideas to expand my capacity in my role that I work on daily. I truly value Sarah's point of view and advice.”


Director Of Talent, EffectiveUI