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What We Offer

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH US, leaders expand their capacity to fully show up, get real and creatively solve any challenge or opportunity they face.


Our work with you

Our services come in many forms and share a common purpose – to support leaders and teams in being less reactive and more creative. As clients embark on their journey of growth, we recommend unique engagements to best support their process. We offer a spectrum of customized services such as:

Leadership Coaching

Our coaching supports leaders and teams to see, face and creatively engage the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

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Our retreats foster breakthrough conversations. Our facilitation evokes getting “real”– healthy truth telling to resolve core issues, build results and unlock the genius of your team.

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We help you identify the prevailing behaviors and attitudes of your current culture, create your desired culture, then align people and process to reflect your vision and values.

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Our training and development isn’t for spectators – we engage you fully so you integrate your new insights and skills into the fabric of who you are and your culture.

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Our assessments help your leaders develop a keen and rich self-awareness in order to identify their untapped potential and address the blind spots that are undermining their success.

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Public Offerings

Our programs are a unique opportunity for leaders from different businesses to create breakthrough experiences together.


A fun and practical workshop for learning skills to navigate difficult conversations

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A fun and engaging seminar series designed to shift your mindset and support your win

3-month series
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Launchpad Leadership

An exclusive program for well accomplished leaders poised to shift into mastery

6-Month Program
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Breakthrough Leadership

A robust leadership program for high potential managers ready for breakthroughs

6-Month Program
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As leaders transform from the inside out, they discover how important it is to utilize support tools to keep them focused and on track. Our products reinforce the practical application of our leadership and communication skills so integration is possible.

“The Culture Counts team has changed my company. We have more fun, hold each other more accountable and our conversations are more valuable! I’ve been running my company for 13 years and have never felt more capable of uniting and inspiring my team to get things done.”

Heidi Ganahl

Owner & President / Camp Bow Wow