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The Sweet Spot

The Sweet Spot provides access to more ease and effectiveness in life and at work.

Making conscious choices that support us, building teams and organizations that thrive, as well as developing a deep sense of fulfillment in our work, comes most easily when people have a deep appreciation for themselves and are able to tap the gifts and strengths of those around them.


We support people expanding their awareness of themselves, as well as taking more efficient and clear action in the world.

making culutre count for your organization
Sarah White Carr challenges leaders to own and acknowledge their emotions and feelings while working to develop their Inner and Outer game.

How to Access your Feelings at Work
Culture Counts coach Sarah White Carr gives us some tips on how we can confront, befriend, and use our feelings to create a positive work culture.

The Playbook & Toolkit

Our Playbook is a step by step process for creating meaningful goals and game plans, as well as engaging in impactful dialogue about work.

Most feedback processes are top down, lack consistency and focus and only scratch the surface of what really needs to get talked about. The Playbook provides people a clear process and coaching instructions for connecting people and business in ways that increase everyone’s success.


We like to think that winning at business is a lot like winning at sports. It takes teamwork, strategy, practice, and it is important to score “the game”.

We developed ThriveBoards as a simple tool for individuals and teams to create better goals and game plans that serve all aspects of a thriving business – including goals that measure the less tangible areas like culture. Use ThriveBoards to play for and win at what matters most.

“Working with the Culture Counts Method has created tremendous accountability for me and my team. Having clear expectations and measures of success has definitely increased our focus on, and delivery of, what really matters. And the game format has made it easy and fun for my team to engage with a process that they’ve described as “the best we’ve ever worked with”.

Trevor Greer

VP of Operations / Enersul