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Breakthrough Leadership


The Breakthrough Leadership Program is an exclusive opportunity for those ready to transform their capacity to lead, manage and coach others from a creative rather than reactive mindset.

Designed for maximum focus, personal attention and accelerated group learning, 12 managers from different organizations around the country spend 6 full days together over a 6-month period developing a rich new awareness of themselves and others, learning new skills for communication and letting go of old patterns that block their own and their team’s performance.

Participants will tap their potential to powerfully influence up and down, create high impact, shift from drama to clarity, better motivate others, think and act more strategically, foster more collaboration and accountability, and create better business results with less stress. 

Unlike many learning experiences where the focus is on absorbing knowledge and expert advice, this program will challenge participants to engage fully. Participants will share real hopes and fears, practice new skills in front of peers, get immediate feedback and coaching from program leaders, make courageous agreements to take 100% responsibility and be asked to show up more and more authentically.

The program will reveal opportunities for growth the participants hadn’t imagined possible. Each participant will start Breakthrough Leadership with specific leadership and business goals in mind. Influenced by conversations with their manager and teams, participants will identify and document their desired outcomes. This will continue to provide opportunities to track progress in real time and train the participants in the power of scoring, facing, celebrating and learning from results in their business area.

Our next program launches Spring 2018. Because this program is limited to 12 participants hungry to grow and poised to fully participate, an interview is required. Our program coaches welcome inquires to explore the possibilities of the program. 

Click here to view our flyer. Please contact us if you’re interested in enrolling!